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Super awesome game things that i like that its cross platform so as a Linux user i  an download and play. The gameplay is good i liked the retro graphics and submittion page looks nice as well.


very nice game!


Thank You.


Great job! It was pretty laggy for me (but I played it in on chromebook with slow internet so I don't blame you ) and it was still pretty fun. There isn't much strategy to the game,  just hold down C and run for the health packs but it was still, once again, pretty fun. 


Thanks After some waves holding down c and running to health packs won't work you have to hide behind walls, i designed it that way so it will be easy in first levels so people don't get frustrated . I never wan't this to be one of the games that wan't to make you angry to play more.

and for lagging i can create no particle version for chromebook if you want :D so it will lag  less.



Amazing entry into the Slime Jam very well done we will let you know the results in a few days!


Thank you very much. Thanks for this jam i learned a lot about the engine that i used .


Thats all you can ask for in a game jam. :]